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Spare parts and replacement keys for Roland XP-10 Synthesizer

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Roland Taster 5-2
tactile switch 5 mm for Roland
1 pcs. tactile switch suitable for models Roland FP1, FP2, FP3, FP4, FP5, FP6, FP7, FP8, FP-50 JV25, JV30, JV35, JV50, JV80, JV90, JV880, JV1080 JP8000 JD800 - Cursor Buttons MC-303, MC-307 RD-500 XP10, XP50, XP60, XP80 XV3080 U20 Fantom...
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Klinkenbuchse für Printmontage 6,3 mm Mono mit Schaltkontakt
Phone Jack 1/4 - 6.3 mm for printed circuits...
Phone Jack 1/4 inch- 6.3 mm, mono with switch, for printed circuit used in Korg, Roland, Technics or Yamaha Instruments HLJ7101-01-3010 This phone jack is no longer manufactured and there are only remaining stocks. This part is used in...
7.22€ *
Zubehoer für Roland SK9 Tastatur
Parts for Roalnd SK9 Keyboards
Parts for Roland SK9 Keyboards Here you will find all parts like springs, felt, aftertouch and P.C.B.
3.33€ *
Tasten, gewichtet für Roland SK9 Tastatur Taste schwarz
Replacement keys, weighted for Roland SK9 Keyboard
Keys, weighted for Roland SK9 Keyboard This part fits for all Roland SK9 Keyboards Roland SK9 Keyboard is used in Fantom (FA76) Fantom G6, G7 Fantom S Fantom X6, X7 XP-10 Color/tint: pure white
9.87€ *
Kontakgummi für Roland SK9 Tastatur 8 Kontakte
Contact rubber for Roland SK9 Keyboards
Contact rubber for Roland SK9 Keyboards technichal dimensions No of contacts: 7,8, 12 or 13 Width: 21 mm heigh: 9.8 mm
13.98€ *