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Spare parts and replacement keys for Korg 707 Synthesizer

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Taster 4,3 mm für Korg
tactile switch 4,3 mm Korg
tactile switch suitable for models Korg A3, Korg DP2000, DP3000 Korg Z3, ZD3 Korg 707 nur Taste 0 - 9 Korg Part No: 375008500 The buttons are firmly soldered to a circuit board. For replacing the button craftsmanship and experience in...
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Taster 9,5 mm für Korg Synthesizer
tactile switch 9,5 mm for Korg Synthesizer
1 pcs. tactile switch suitable for models Korg Korg 01W, 01WFD, 01RW, 01WProX Korg i2, i3, i4s Korg N264, N364 Korg M1 Korg T1, T21, T3 Korg X2, X5 Korg Wavestation Korg 707 all expect 0 - 9 Korg Part Number: 375010500 oder 375007500 The...
From 0.71€ *