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Technics replacement of defective key guides

It can happen over the years the original plastic guides of the keyboards break and a "hanging" or dragging effect of the keys is the result. Because there are no original spare parts for Technics anymore, we have been looking for an alternative.
The Yamaha DX7 synthesiser - age-related safety risk discovered

Roland HP-330 or HP-530 with no sound

Roland HP-330 or HP-530 without sound
Did you know that the note „b“ is actually called „h“ in Germany? In fact, there is an interesting story behind this, which goes back to the Middle Ages. We got to the bottom of this. Find out here how this phenomenon came about.
We offer a new OLED display as spare part for the LCD display in Technics PR-370, PR-270, PR-170 electric piano.
Information about our shipping process and eco-friendly packaging.


There's something behind the scenes...

Shop Relaunch 2019 (English)

Our new responsive Shopdesign and Logo for Synth-Parts.

Shop Relaunch 2019 (German)

Der Sommer 2019 bringt frischen Wind in unser Unternehmen.
In diesem Beitrag gibts ein paar Infos zum neuen Shop-Design und zum neuen Logo.
OLED oder LCD als Ersatz Display für Synthesizer?
OLED or LCD as a replacement display for synthesizer
Alps KHC11901, KHC10901, KHC10902