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Kawai CA95 can not be switched off
If the keyboard of your electric piano rattles, or the keyboard makes unwanted noise, remedy is needed. Learn here how to get your electric piano back to its usual joy of playing.

Kawai E-Piano with sticky keys

keys on my kawai e-piano are sticky or heavy to press.
While it might be enough for the ambitious living room musician to operate a low-priced entry-level model with relatively small dimensions, professional users certainly have some other needs on their list. Here, criteria such as keyboard quality are rated much more important than it might be the case with home users.
It is also the keyboard that we are so taken with in this device that it is worth a blog article.
It can happen over the years the original plastic guides of the keyboards break and a "hanging" or dragging effect of the keys is the result. Because there are no original spare parts for Technics anymore, we have been looking for an alternative.
The Yamaha DX7 synthesiser - age-related safety risk discovered

Roland HP-330 or HP-530 with no sound

Roland HP-330 or HP-530 without sound
Did you know that the note „b“ is actually called „h“ in Germany? In fact, there is an interesting story behind this, which goes back to the Middle Ages. We got to the bottom of this. Find out here how this phenomenon came about.
We offer a new OLED display as spare part for the LCD display in Technics PR-370, PR-270, PR-170 electric piano.
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