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Spare parts and replacement keys for Korg N5ex Stage Piano

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Value Regler 30mm Schiebeweg
Value Slider 30mm Travel
Mono Slider with 30mm Travel. Suitable for Value Slider for Korg N1, N5, N5ex, N264, N364 01W, 01WFD X2, X3, X5, X5d M1, M1r, M3r T1, T2, T3 WS, WSEX Korg spare part No.: 365007800 The slider is firmly soldered to a circuit board. For...
7.38€ *
Volume Regler 30mm Schiebeweg für Korg
Volume Slider 30mm Travel for Korg
1 pcs. Slidepotentiometer with 30mm Travel. Suitable for Volume Slider for Kawai K4, K4r Korg C15, C36 Korg DSS1, DSM1 Korg DW6000, DW8000 Korg EC120, EC150 Korg is35, is40, is50 Korg N1, N5, N5ex, N264, N364 Korg 01W, 01WFD Korg X2, X3,...
9.52€ *