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Spare parts and replacement keys for Yamaha Tyros Series Synthesizer

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Taster 6 x 7 mm Yamaha
tactile switch 7 mm Yamaha
1 pcs. tactile switch suitable for Yamaha Motif On Yamaha Motif modells these switch is for lightning buttons. These switch is also suitable for Yamaha PSR9000 Yamaha Part Number: VV439800 The buttons are firmly soldered to a circuit...
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Encoder mit 16 mm Breite
Encoder 16 mm for Yamaha
Encoder 16 mm widht suitable for Yamaha RM1X Yamaha RS-7000 Practical advice: The thread of this encoder is 2 mm longer than the thread of the original encoders. Depending on the space in the housing, it can tighten a bit when...
From 4.56€ *
Yamaha Tyros Halter Notenständer
Yamaha Tyros2 Holder Score Stand
1 pcs. Yamaha Tyros2 Holder Score Stand This housing is made of plastic
18.56€ *
Yamaha Tyros Halter Lautsprecher
Yamaha Tyros Speaker Stand
1 pcs. Yamaha Tyros Speaker Stand This housing is made of plastic
24.36€ *
Yamaha Tyros Kabel Lautsprecher
Yamaha Tyros Speaker Cable
1 pcs. Yamaha Tyros Speaker Cable This is a very short cable for direct connection from your Tyros to Speaker on Speaker Stand
17.40€ *
Klinkenbuchse 5012 Print 6,3 mm Mono
YKB21-5012 - Phone Jack 1/4- 6.3 mm for printed...
Phone Jack 1/4 inch- 6.3 mm, Mono for printed circuit used in Korg, Roland or Yamaha Instruments this Phone Jack corresponds to these parts: YKB21-5012 HLJ 4306 HLJ 4306-01-3000 Mono with switch it is used by the following manufatures...
1.94€ *
Taster SMD 3,1 Yamaha
SMD tactile switch 3,1 mm Yamaha
SMD tactile switch suitable for models Yamaha Tyros2 only LCD Board Yamaha Tyros3 only LCD Board Yamaha Part Number: V7446600 Attention: SMD (Surface Mounted Device) needs spezial soldering equipment and spezial experience in soldering...
1.10€ *
Tasten 16N-W für Yamaha Taste Last C
Replacement keys 16N-W for Yamaha
Key's 16N-W Style suitable for Yamaha This keyboard is used in these modells: Yamaha MOX6 Yamaha Tyros 1 Color: white These Keys are weighted This key is new mechanical construction: Keys for this Keyboard are not available as single...
From 9.59€ *