Postal delivery times may be longer than usual. Peak season for all shipping service providers.
Thank's for your e-mails. We need more time than usual for answering.

Shipping and Charges

 Our Items are shipped every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In urgent cases please let us know.

Shipping within Europe has normalized and is now possible again to Canada and USA. Since the deliveries are sent by ship, extended delivery times can be assumed. In the order process in the shipping options you can see which countries we can currently deliver to. 

VAT on shipping costs: VAT on shipping costs is calculated individually for each country at the local VAT rate.

Shipping cost (exeption speaker, boards and instruments)   
  Germany European Union Intern'l (Export)
Standard 4,50 Euro 6,50 Euro  
With tracking 5,50 Euro 9,50 Euro 10,90 Euro
free shipping over 60,-- Euro 95,-- Euro 95,-- Euro
  Only tracked France, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain  


Small quantity surcharge for orders up to 5.99 Euro value of goods: 2.49 Euro 



Shipping cost for speaker, boards and instruments     
  Germany European Union Europe World1 (Canada, Middle East, Russia, USA) World2 (Asia, Australia, South America)
Up to 4,5 Kg 7,-- Euro 17,-- Euro 30,-- Euro 36,-- Euro 43,-- Euro
Up to 30 Kg 15,-- Euro 45,-- Euro 61,--Euro 105,-- Euro 136,-- Euro


Other Informations 

- Shipping costs over 30Kg on request.

- Pick up of goods at our store is cost free. Please let us know two days before the scheduled pick-up date so we can provide your goods. Shipping time will be between 4 and 16 days. In some cases 30 day's is possible.

Payment Methods: Cash in advance, Credit Card, Direct debit, Applepay  or Paypal - implemented with Mollie or Paypal PLUS

- You can pay with Euro

To these countrys we will ship only as registerd letter (With tracking ID and insurance):

All Countrys outside Europe, France, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain.

Shipping cost (exeption: speaker, boards and instruments)

  • Germany 4,50 € (over 60,00 € free)
  • EU 6,50 € (over 95,00 € free)
  • EU tracked: 9,50 € (over 95,00 € free) (France,Italy,Romania,Portugal,Spain)
  • International (tracking and insurance) 10,90 € (over 95,00 € free)

Shipping cost for Speaker, Boards and Instruments

  • Germany up to 4,5 kg 7,00 €, up to 30 kg 15,00 €
  • EU up to 4,5 kg 17,00 €, up to 30 kg 45,00 € 
  • Europa up to 4,5 kg 30,00 €, up to 30 kg 61,00 €
  • World 1 (Canada, Middle East, Russia, USA) up to 4,5 kg 36,00 €, up to 30 kg 105,00 €
  • World 2 (Asia, Australia, South America) up to 4,5 kg 43,00 €, up to 30 kg 136,00 €