Spare parts and replacement keys for Korg SP-250 Stage Piano

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Taster 6 x 5 mm Korg
tactile switch 5 mm Korg
1 pcs. tactile switch suitable for models Korg is40, is50 Pa1 XPro, Pa2 XPro Pa50 without LCD Board Pa60, Pa80, Pa500, Pa800 SP200 Korg Part Number: INT0001008 The buttons are firmly soldered to a circuit board. For replacing the button...
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Fader Kappe für KORG SP250
Fader knob for KORG SP250
1 pcs. Fader knob suitable for: KORG SP250 No longer suitable from Korg
7.29€ *
Value Regler 30mm Schiebeweg
Value Slider 30mm Travel
Mono Slider with 30mm Travel. Suitable for Value Slider for Korg N1, N5, N5ex, N264, N364 01W, 01WFD X2, X3, X5, X5d M1, M1r, M3r T1, T2, T3 WS, WSEX Korg spare part No.: 365007800 The slider is firmly soldered to a circuit board. For...
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Volume Regler T=30 L=P10-C B10K
Volume Slider 30mm Travel for Korg
1 pcs. Slidepotentiometer with 30mm Travel. Suitable for Volume Slider for Kawai K4, K4r Korg C15, C36 Korg DSS1, DSM1 Korg DW6000, DW8000 Korg EC120, EC150 Korg is35, is40, is50 Korg N1, N5, N5ex, N264, N364 Korg 01W, 01WFD Korg X2, X3,...
9.52€ *
DIN Buchse 5 Pol MIDI für Printmontage
DIN female 5 pin MIDI for printed circuits
MIDI DIN socket female 5 pin for printed circuit used in: Korg SP250 These part is firmly soldered to a circuit board. For replacing craftsmanship and experience in soldering is required.
5.78€ *
Klinkenbuchse 5074 Print 6,3 mm Stereo Schaltkontakt
YKB21-5074 - Phone Jack 1/4 - 6.3 mm PCB Stereo...
Phone Jack 1/4 inch- 6.3 mm, stereo with switch, for printed circuit used in Korg, Roland or Yamaha Instruments this phone jack corresponds to these parts: YKB21-5074 SCJ630P5 PJ603 Technical description : The offered phone jack for PCB...
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Klinkenbuchse 5078 Print 6,3 mm Stereo
YKB21-5078 - Phone Jack 1/4- 6.3 mm for...
1 pcs. Phone Jack 1/4 inch - 6.3 mm, stereo witch switch, printed circuit for Korg, Roland or Yamaha Instruments this Phone Jack corresponds to these parts: YKB21-5078 HLJ-2305 HTJ-064-16D These phone jack is firmly soldered to a circuit...
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Netzschalter einpolig AUS, 5A / 250VAC mit Lötanschluß SDDLD10900
Single pole push switch, 250V/5A with solder...
Single-pole push switch in the switch design - OFF with solder terminals for cable assembly suitable for models Korg M1, M1R Korg T1, T2, T3 Korg Part Number: 375006100 The power switch corresponds to the ALPS switches SDDLD10900 TV5....
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Kontaktstreifen 12P für RH3 Tastatur
Contact rubber 12P for RH3 Keyboard
Contact rubber 12 points for RH3 Keyboard Contact high: 7,5 mm Strip bright: 22,3 mm Strip length: 165 mm Number of contacts: 12 Roland Part Number: 4671145 A rubber contact strip consists of 12 contacts and covers an octave . For...
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Zubehoer für RH3 Tastatur Feder
Parts for RH3 Keyboard
Spare Parts for RH3 Keyboard Here you will find parts for RH-3 Keyboard, like Felts, Springs and Contact Rubber
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Tasten für RH3 Tastatur, cremeweiß
Replacement keys for RH3 Keyboard, ivory
Replacement Keys for RH3 Keyboard RH3 keyboard is used in Korg Kronos 73 Korg Kronos 88 KorgSP-250 Korg SV-1 Color: cream white (Ivory) The RealHammer 3 keyboard (RH3) is a touch-sensitive keyboard with 4-zone hammer mechanics. The...
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Hammer für RH3 Tastatur Hammer Zone 4 schwarze Taste
Hammer for RH3 Keyboard
Replacement Hammer for RH3 Keyboard The RealHammer 3 (RH3) keyboard is a 4 zone hammer mechanism. The manufacturer uses a total of 8 different hammers because in addition to the 4 zones also a different hammer is used for the white and...
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