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Disposal considerations

Notes on disposal

Electrical components do not belong in household waste.
Please dispose of all components at a hazardous waste collection point of your choice.

All electrical components that you can purchase from us contain important recyclable materials that should be recycled properly. Please hand in your old, replaced components at a hazardous waste collection point.

Considerations for the disposal of older music electronics

Electronic devices should not be discarded thoughtlessly. Please check whether your device is repairable before you decide to dispose of it.
Often, older music electronic devices that you want to get rid of can still be used as spare parts donors. Therefore, please find out if you can give your device to someone who is interested in repairing it, recycling it, or disassembling it to make it available to other users.
This is a highly recommended approach, especially for older music electronics, as such devices are rare and sought-after.
In this way, you help to save resources and thus also reduce the burden on the environment.