Spare parts for E-Mu e5000 Ultra

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1 Stk. Encoder für E-mu Systems, Emu
1 pcs. Encoder for E-mu Systems,Emu
1 pcs. Encoder suitable for E-MU Command Station E-MU E4K, E-Synth E-MU E4XT depends on manufacturing date E-MU e6400 depends on manufacturing date E-MU B-3 Mo Phatt rack module or keyboard E-MU Planet Earth E-MU Orbit-3 E-MU Proteus...
5.87€ *
E-MU Schalt-netzteil 65W intern
E-MU Switching Powersupply 65W internal
1 pcs 65W internal Switching Power Supply Unit brand new, suitable for E-mu E4K E-mu E-SYNTH E-mu E6400 E-mu E4 Platinum E-mu E5000 Ultra E-mu E6400 Ultra E-mu E4XT Ultra Description: This switching power supply is a perfect replacement...
59.64€ *
Netzkabel, 3 polig Kaltgerätestecker gewinkelt
Power cable 3 pol C13 Socket, 1.8 m
1 pcs. Power cabel with 3Pol C13-plug VDE tested Cable: H05VV-G3G0,75mm² Length: 1,8 m
6.45€ *
Klinkenbuchse Printmontage 6,3 mm Stereo mit 1 Schaltkontakt
Phone Jack 1/4 - 6.3 mm for printed circuits...
1 pcs. Phone Jack 1/4- 6.3 mm, stereo witch one Switch, for printed circuit used by E-mu E4K E-mu E-Synth E-Mu E4 XT E-Mu e6400 Technical description: The offered phone jack for PCB mounting is a stereo jack with switching contact for...
7.84€ *

E-mu e5000 Ultra spare parts in our online store

Until 2004, E-mu built their famous samplers, all of which were characterized by an identical housing, had the same operating concept, and thus made it easy for users to switch from one device to another. Also, many of the E-mu samplers had the same shortcoming: namely, that the displays of some devices were clearly too dark, and thus difficult to read. E-mu replaced them with brighter displays, which resulted in much better usability, but this flaw persisted over several unit versions. But even the improved LCD displays eventually give in, and fade, or decrease in brightness, until they even become completely unreadable.

Displays, jacks, and buttons as spare parts for E-mu samplers

In our well-stocked warehouse we offer new LCD displays with LED backlight incl. cable set for Emu-e5000 Ultra samplers as spare parts.
We deliver the new display prepared ready to plug in. All necessary adjustments to the technical features of the Emu-e5000 Ultra-Sampler have already been made by us on the replacement display, so that you can perform a "plug and play" installation.
The advantage: The new display is installed in exactly the same way as the old display was removed, just in reverse order. This is relatively simple and quick

But not only the displays are getting old, this is also the fate of the numerous buttons on the user interface of the E-mu-e5000 Ultra.
We therefore recommend replacing the keys once you have opened your device anyway. If there is a battery, like in the E-mu Darwin, replace it as well.
Also the jack sockets can have loose contacts after the many years your E-mu sampler has been in use.

Repair in our workshop

If you don't want to repair your E-mu-e5000 Ultra-Sampler yourself, or if you prefer to let a professional repair the old electronics, we will be happy to repair your E-mu-Sampler. In our well-equipped workshop we have all the necessary special tools and measuring equipment to have a repair carried out properly and professionally by our specialists.

We only use original spare parts from the equipment manufacturers, quality spare parts from well-known suppliers or, if these are no longer available, developments from our own development department.
Repairs in our service workshop meet the high quality requirements of the manufacturers.
Arrange a repair appointment
Write to us.

E-mu e5000 Ultra spare parts in our online store Until 2004, E-mu built their famous samplers , all of which were characterized by an identical housing, had the same operating concept, and... read more »