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Spare parts and replacement keys for Korg SV-1 Synthesizer

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Kontaktstreifen 12P für RH3 Tastatur
Contact rubber 12P for RH3 Keyboard
Contact rubber 12 points for RH3 Keyboard Contact high: 7,5 mm Strip bright: 22,3 mm Strip length: 165 mm Number of contacts: 12 Roland Part Number: 4671145 A rubber contact strip consists of 12 contacts and covers an octave . For...
10.79€ *
Zubehoer für RH3 Tastatur Feder
Parts for RH3 Keyboard
Spare Parts for RH3 Keyboard Here you will find parts for RH-3 Keyboard, like Felts, Springs and Contact Rubber
4.17€ *
Tasten für RH3 Tastatur, cremeweiß
Replacement keys for RH3 Keyboard, ivory
Replacement Keys for RH3 Keyboard RH3 keyboard is used in Korg Kronos 73 Korg Kronos 88 KorgSP-250 Korg SV-1 Color: cream white (Ivory) The RealHammer 3 keyboard (RH3) is a touch-sensitive keyboard with 4-zone hammer mechanics. The...
From 7.90€ *
Hammer für RH3 Tastatur Hammer Zone 4 schwarze Taste
Hammer for RH3 Keyboard
Replacement Hammer for RH3 Keyboard The RealHammer 3 (RH3) keyboard is a 4 zone hammer mechanism. The manufacturer uses a total of 8 different hammers because in addition to the 4 zones also a different hammer is used for the white and...
7.90€ *