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Spare parts and replacement keys for Roland JD-800 Synthesizer

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Taster 7,8 x 7,8 x 5,5 JD800
tactile switch for Roland JD800
1 pcs tactile switch suitable for Roland JD800 These switch is for User Buttons Roland Part Number: 13169727 The buttons are firmly soldered to a circuit board. For replacing the button craftsmanship and experience in soldering is...
From 1.06€ *
Roland Taster 5-2
tactile switch 5 mm for Roland
1 pcs. tactile switch suitable for models Roland FP1, FP2, FP3, FP4, FP5, FP6, FP7, FP8, FP-50 JV25, JV30, JV35, JV50, JV80, JV90, JV880, JV1080 JP8000 JD800 - Cursor Buttons MC-303, MC-307 RD-500 XP10, XP50, XP60, XP80 XV3080 U20 Fantom...
From 0.64€ *
Klinkenbuchse 5010 Print 6,3 mm Stereo
YKB21-5010 - Phone Jack 1/4 - 6.3 mm PCB Stereo
Phone Jack 1/4 inch- 6.3 mm, stereo, for printed circuit used in Korg, Roland or Yamaha Instruments this phone jack corresponds to these parts: YKB21-5010 HLJ0520-01-010 HLJ1520-01-3010 HTJ-064-10D same PCB layout, different housing...
From 2.19€ *
Klinkenbuchse 5012 Print 6,3 mm Mono
YKB21-5012 - Phone Jack 1/4- 6.3 mm for printed...
Phone Jack 1/4 inch- 6.3 mm, Mono for printed circuit used in Korg, Roland or Yamaha Instruments this Phone Jack corresponds to these parts: YKB21-5012 HLJ 4306 HLJ 4306-01-3000 Mono with switch it is used by the following manufatures...
1.94€ *
Potentiometer 30mml, L 15mm - EWANPEX15B15
Roland PG300, PG800, JD-800 Potentiometer, Slider
1 pcs. slide potentiometer with 30mm travel and 15mm Lever. Suitable for Roland D-70 - C1, Brightness Roland PG-300 Roland PG-800 Roland JD-800 - shorten Lever !!! This Fader with the labelling EWANFX15B15 is no longer available from...
From 8.72€ *
Tasten und Ersatzteile für Roland SK7 Tastatur Taste G
Replacement keys and spare parts for Roland SK7...
Spare parts for Roland SK7 Keyboard This part fits for all Roland SK7 Keyboards Roland SK7 Keyboard is used in D-70 JD-800 U-20
0.00€ *

roland-jd-800_blue-red-greenInformation to the different switches in Roland JD800:

Roland has placed three different switch in JD800.

User buttons (blue marking) part TAAL2PD55MA

Roland used a switch with a hard tactile feeling. You will need 42 pieces.

Cursor Buttons (red marking) part TAPA2115KC

Under Cursor buttons Roland used a different switch. You will need 6 pieces.

small buttons (green marking)

Then there are some small buttons. You will need 15 pieces.


Simply order spare parts for Roland JD-800 online

Synthesizers and samplers are devices that are exposed to continuous loads and must also withstand them reliably. This applies to private needs, as well as for professional use. If the smallest components do not work, the entire system can not deliver the desired first-class sound. In our shop we offer you Roland JD-800 spare parts products, which continue the brand quality after the replacement in the usual way. These include synthesizer replacement parts and key replacement parts, but also JD-800 encoders, PCB mount phone jacks or LCD display for Roland JD-800. One thing all Roland spare parts have in common in our shop: they convince in material and quality of execution. We know that when musicians hit the peg or technicians do their job, there is no time for long failures. Therefore, the Fantom replacement parts are optimally compatible and can be easily and, above all, swiftly and easily emptied. The gig or rehearsal can then continue immediately. Just call or email us if you're not sure which Roland JD-800 probe to buy or what type of Replacement Parts or replacement key are right for the models you use. We are happy to help!

Do not compromise on quality

A system is only as powerful as its smallest component. For you, this means that Roland brand-quality replacement parts that you know from the manufacturer should also be purchased and installed. This applies to Roland JD-800 encoders as well as the Roland Fantom LCD display or any other Fantom replacement parts. Anyone who compromises here makes a big mistake. Professionalism you need on stage is also essential for replacement parts. Whether you want to buy an Roland JD-800 encoder or an Roland tact switch, you have the same professional quality as buying a complete device. For all questions we are gladly there for you. Phone jack socket for PCB? Replacement keys? No matter what you need: We will advise you competently, so that your favorite music can sound as usual again. Online ordering is quick and uncomplicated, and we are always your high-performance partner for the installation of spare parts.

Information to the different switches in Roland JD800: Roland has placed three different switch in JD800. User buttons (blue marking) part TAAL2PD55MA Roland used a switch with a hard... read more »