Replacement parts and keys for Solton Keyboards

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Taster 4,3 mm für Korg
tactile switch 4,3 mm Korg
tactile switch suitable for models Korg A3, Korg DP2000, DP3000 Korg Z3, ZD3 Korg 707 nur Taste 0 - 9 Korg Part No: 375008500 The buttons are firmly soldered to a circuit board. For replacing the button craftsmanship and experience in...
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Solton: Spare parts in first-class quality

If you need high-quality spare parts for Solton keyboard instruments, you are at the right place in our online store. Whether you need keyboard spare parts, LCD displays or encoders for Solton, you will find a rich selection here. Especially spare parts need a constant good quality to ensure the functionality of your electronic musical instruments in the usual way. These components must not only convince functionally, they must also be perfectly compatible. Here in the store, you will therefore find spare parts for keyboard instruments that are precisely matched to the Solton brand and its needs. Material and workmanship are convincing and are the basis for a sound with which you can score in the private as well as in the professional sector. The replacement of spare parts is easy if you use the appropriate products. We will be happy to advise you on which component fits best for which keyboard instrument from Solton, and how to make the replacement in the correct way.

Keyboard spare parts and more


Synthesizers were in the range of the Italian company Solton in the 70s. Devices such as Solton Disco 64, Pulser M75, or SM100 were built in the 80s of the last millennium. These were analog devices with the then typical metal housing and wooden edges. The Disco 64 was primarily a drum computer, but even back then it had a string and bass section, and was thus probably a bit ahead of its time.

Make sure that spare parts for keyboards by Solton or other devices are made robust and durable. Spare parts for Solton keyboards in our online store. We advise you professionally, which spare part fits exactly to which model, so that you can produce sound in the best quality. You can also find potentiometers for Solton and buttons for Solton in the store. Keyboards and synthesizers are musical instruments that are very old, and often stored for years in the basement, and thus exposed to moisture, for example. For you as a musician or music technician this has two consequences: You have to order synthesizer spare parts, keyboard spare parts or styli for Solton and other brands. On the other hand, you should make sure that spare parts for keyboards from Solton or other devices are made robust and durable.
We supply original spare parts for devices from Solton, or rebuild suitable spare parts if the originals are no longer available.
Let us advise you on the repair of your vintage synthesizer from Solton.

Repair of your vintage synth by Solton

If you do not want to install an original part on your old Solton device yourself, you can of course use our repair service. In our very well equipped workshop, we have the necessary special tools and measuring instruments that are required for the repair of your old equipment. Our well-trained personnel will take care of your favorite synthesizer with due diligence. Just as if you were doing it yourself.
Let us help you when it comes to repairing your vintage Solton synthesizer.
Write to us.

Solton: Spare parts in first-class quality If you need high-quality spare parts for Solton keyboard instruments , you are at the right place in our online store . Whether you need keyboard... read more »