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Synth-Parts – Spare parts Online Shop for electronic key instrumnets and Synthesizer

Our passion is keyboards, electric pianos and synthesizers. For this reason, we have made it our mission to bring defective devices back to work. Who wants to throw away his old sweetheart, which has been a great pleasure for a long time? That's why we offer you a variety of ways to make your device functional again while protecting the environment a little.

No matter if it concerns suitable spare parts or repairs, we offer you numerous offers for various brands. Our clients include professional and amateur musicians, recording studios, radio and television stations, theaters, opera houses and DJs around the world. Our online store is mainly aimed at technically savvy people who have experience with the replacement of electrical parts.

You do not know what happens to your instrument and encoders, buttons and potentiometers are foreign words for you? Then our repair service is probably the right one for you.

In our Shop you can buy spare parts online for your E-Piano or Keyboard

In our online shop you will find a steadily growing range of spare parts and assemblies for well-known brands such as Yamaha, Roland, Korg or Clavia Nord, special manufacturers such as Solton, Kurzweil, Kawai or Akai, or just rarities such as Technics, E-mu or Casio. We offer you Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts in excellent brand quality, EOL (End of Life Parts) parts that are no longer manufactured, or used accessories for old devices like Sequential Circuites.

You want a new, modern LCD display, for example, a legible OLED version?

For the experienced hobbyist we offer ready-wired displays with suitable replacement instructions. For the musicians who have soldering skills, we offer potentiometers, encoders, short-stroke keys and much more. for the self-repair.

Buy your spare parts conveniently online. We are open 24 hours a day for you. We always ship the incoming orders on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We ship worldwide with German Post or with DHL.

Is there no matching part for your device? Then contact us, in most cases we can get you a suitable exchange piece.

Replacement-service and repairs

Your keyboard is broken? Or your Epiano behaves strangely?

Then we can best get a first impression of the problem by phone or mail. Sometimes there are only very small causes that have a big impact. We have the right knowledge and tools to find and eliminate errors.

Or are you simply unable to carry out special electrotechnical work such as soldering or voltage measurements? You would like to replace all tact switch on a PCB and you lack the time or the right tools? Then use our replacement service.

Please contact us.