Kawai ES920 spare part and key for Stage Piano

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Kawai DC-Netzbuchse 2,5 mm mit Lötanschluß
Kawai DC Power Jack 3.5 mm with solder pins
1 pcs. DC Power Jack with solder Pins for PCB mounting suitable for models Kawai ES4 Kawai ES6 Kawai ES7 Kawai ES8 Kawai ES520 This part comes directly from Kawai Europe. technical Dates: Termination Solder Pin Outer Diameter: 7 mm Inner...
9.22€ *
Kawai PS-154A Netzteil
Kawai PS-154A Power Supply Unit
1 pcs external Power Supply Unit Kawai PS-154A Mechanical Description: This external power adapter is intended as a spare part for electric pianos, synthesizers and keyboards. The primary plug is designed for Europe and the plug on the...
69.00€ *
Taster 5 mm für Kawai
tactile switch 5 mm for Kawai
1 pcs tactile switch suitable for models Kawai ES6 Kawai K4 Kawai K5000 Kawai KSP10, KSP20, KSP30 Spare Part Number: 808345 The buttons are firmly soldered to a circuit board. For replacing the button craftsmanship and experience in...
From 0.65€ *
YKB21-5006 - Klinkenbuchse Print 6,3 mm Stereo
YKB21-5006 - Phone Jack 1/4- 6.3 mm for...
1 pcs. Phone Jack 1/4 inch - 6.3 mm, stereo with 2 switch, printed circuit for Korg, Roland or Yamaha Instruments this Phone Jack corresponds to these parts: YKB21-5006 HLJ-4306-01-3040 HTJ-064-04 These phone jack is firmly soldered to a...
6.88€ *
YKB21-5074 - 6,3 mm Klinkenbuchse Print Stereo mit Schaltkontakt
YKB21-5074 - Phone Jack 1/4 - 6.3 mm PCB Stereo...
Phone Jack 1/4 inch- 6.3 mm, stereo with switch, for printed circuit used in Korg, Roland or Yamaha Instruments this phone jack corresponds to these parts: YKB21-5074 SCJ630P5 PJ603 Technical description : The offered phone jack for PCB...
From 2.69€ *

Kawai ES920 spare parts easy to buy online

The Kawai ES920 stage piano is a digital piano designed for professional use by professional and amateur musicians. If an electric piano from Kawai is used a lot then the individual components of the Kawai ES920 electric piano are subject to wear. Anyone who likes to play a lot on his Kawai ES920 e-piano will need a key from the keyboard as a spare part at some point. But also the contact rubber or the sensorboard in the keyboard of the Kawai ES920 digital piano may need to be replaced by a new component. During frequent disassembly and assembly of the stage piano on stage, the phone jack, the power supply or the power cord are stressed hard. If after many years of trouble-free music making you can hear crackling and popping in the speaker, then most likely the volume control is defective. With us you can easily buy a new potentiometer for your Kawai ES920 Stage Piano.

We supply spare parts for Kawai ES920 electric piano worldwide.

We are your reliable supplier for spare parts of your Kawai ES920 electric piano. We offer our spare parts like phone jack socket, tact switch or volume potetniometer in our online store. We also have the matching potentiometer usually permanently in stock. Original Kawai spare parts like contact rubber, key and sensorboard we also have in our assortment. Spare parts we have partly also in OEM quality for the Kawai ES920 electric piano in stock. For us OEM quality means that we get spare parts such as tact switch, potentiometer or phone jack directly from the same supplier from which Kawai buys the components. Our original Kawai spare parts like sliptape, contact rubber or sensorboard are usually shipped with Deutsche Post or DHL. If the delivery of your needed spare part for the Kawai ES920 Stage Piano is especially urgent, please contact us. We can also organize an express delivery with UPS.

Kawai ES920 spare parts easy to buy online The Kawai ES920 stage piano is a digital piano designed for professional use by professional and amateur musicians. If an electric piano from Kawai... read more »