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Packaging and shipping

Today we would like to tell you something about our shipping process and our packaging.

Our business principle is generally already quite "sustainable". By making old equipment work again, we do our bit for the environment and reduce the use of new electric pianos and synthesizers. However, we try to incorporate the idea into all parts of our business. That's why we recycle cartons and packaging materials from our suppliers and reuse them for our orders. Often the material is flawless and is perfect for padding our components so that they arrive safely at your home.

We send small components in bags, otherwise they get lost between the filling material. In order to be able to do without bought plastic here, we are currently testing variants made of paper and parchment. In addition, our plastic adhesive tape is slowly running out and the new one will also be made of paper. So we can say soon that our packaging consists of paper, cardboard and if, recycled plastic.

Generally we pack and ship your orders every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with DHL or Deutsche Post. Within Germany the delivery reaches you in a few days, Europe usually takes a little longer. Due to the current corona pandemic, we are currently unable to ship to the whole world. Normally our orders reach you in about one to two weeks, but this can be influenced by duty.

We are a small company, so we do not offer an included return shipment. Before you order something that you are not sure if it fits, we prefer you to ask us before. For this we are available by phone and e-mail. The current telephone times can be found at the bottom of our homepage or here. In case you should have made a mistake with your order, you can of course send the goods back within 14 days at your own expense.

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