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Technics PR-370, PR-270, PR-170 lcd display replacement

New OLED display as spare part suitable for Technics PR-370

  •     Technics PR-170
  •     Technics PR-270
  •     Technics PR-370

Especially the electric pianos built under the Technics brand are very important to us. A long time ago the support by the manufacturer was completely stopped so that today no original spare parts are available. Even if Technics has produced in very good quality, some components can break. Partly this is simply due to the aging of the components.
We offer here a brand new OLED display as a replacement for the LCD display used by Technics in the PR-370, PR-270 or PR-170 e-piano. If the original LCD display in your E-Piano is defective, you will get a suitable spare part from us. We have deliberately decided to use an OLED display. The modern OLED displays do not need the backlight used in the old LCD and have a clear text. Another advantage of an OLED display is that an OELD is also readable in sunlight.
When selecting the colors, we initially concentrated on the colors white and yellow. We believe that these two colors are the best match for the instrument. In addition to white and yellow, blue and green are also possible. If you prefer a green or a blue OLED, please contact us.
Safety instructions:

Please be aware that in order to install this OLED Display in your Technics E-Piano, you must open an electrical device that is powered by 230 volts. For work in these devices you need to have the appropriate technical knowledge. In case of doubt, please ask a radio and television technician for assistance.

Notes on installation:

To install this new OLED Dislpay in the Technics E-Piano, the mechanical installation must be carried out differently from how it was done with the original display. The new OLED display for your Technics PR-370, PR-270 or PR-170 will be delivered by us ready wired. How to install the new OLED display is documented in a small installation guide.
No soldering work is necessary for the installation. All cable connections are plugged in.

Scope of delivery:

1 pc. new OLED display, ready wired
Mounting material
short installation instruction

Notes on disposal:

every electronic component contains important raw materials that should be recycled. For this reason, the old display that you remove should be recycled. Please find out where in your area there is a collection point for these electronic components.

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