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The Yamaha DX7 synthesiser - age-related safety risk discovered

The Yamaha DX7 synthesiser - age-related safety risk discovered



  • Can the Yamaha DX7 no longer be switched off?

  • Does the Yamaha DX7 smoke?

  • Does the Yamaha DX7 smell burnt?



As with other devices, the Yamaha DX7 has a built-in main filter. This is located directly behind the main socket. The main filter has the task of filtering out interference frequencies.


In the synthesiser, a capacitor was used in this filter, which is causing problems today.


The capacitor of the Yamaha DX7 suffers from a typical age-related weakness.


The capacitors used in the mains filters are subject to special safety regulations.
Therefore, it should not be possible at 230 volts, but it still happens .... the capacitor shows cracks and as a result, smoke is produced and possibly a fire.

Can the Yamaha DX7 synthesiser no longer be switched off?
This can be another effect of the problem with the defective capacitor.

This is not a pleasant situation for the owner of such a device and is not without danger.

Problem solution of the whole thing ...


On the top picture you can see the mains filter with the damaged capacitor (X). There and on the second picture you can see that the capacitor already shows clear burn marks (Y).


Now for the solution to the problem - how can you eliminate this safety risk in order to continue to enjoy your device for a long time?


Quick and dirty solution .... Simply replace the defective capacitor.

We have the right item in our shop: -------- Capacitor

The capacitor we offer is made of a different material. We assume that this defect will not occur again.
Of course, our article fulfils the necessary safety regulations according to VDE, as they are prescribed for components in mains filters!

For people with soldering skills, installation is easy and not a science. It can be done by yourself with simple handles, if you don't have two left hands ;-)



Or do you need help?

No problem ..... of course we are there for you with help and advice.


Just give us a call, make an appointment with us, bring the device by and soon the safety risk for your Yamaha DX7 synthesizer will just be history.


A TIP from us ....

If you have the problem with this capacitor, then from our point of view it would be a good idea to directly replace all capacitors (recapping).


Our recapping set for the power supply also contains the capacitors for the mains filter.



A few words about the Yamaha DX7 synthesiser ....

This special device still has that touch of nostalgia from the '80s that we like to chase after today.

It is the first of its kind - a digital synthesizer for the masses - built in 1980.

There had been synthesizers before, but this was the first of its kind that could be programmed by the user and the sound saved. This made it possible to call up the sound you had found at any time. Compared to the analogue synthesizers known at that time, the Yamaha DX7 was much cheaper to buy.


With its typical sound ratio of FM synthesis, it had a phenomenal influence on the rock and pop scene of the '80s.


What other device can make that claim?




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