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Korg EMX1 stereo Potentiometer 12 mm

Korg EMX1 Stereo Potentiometer 12mm
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  • VRR-10111
1 pcs. Replacement stereo rotary potentiometer 12mm widht suitable for Korg EMX1 Korg ESX1... more
Product information "Korg EMX1 stereo Potentiometer 12 mm"

1 pcs. Replacement stereo rotary potentiometer 12mm widht suitable for

  • Korg EMX1
  • Korg ESX1
Not a 1:1 spare part. The original potentiometer is threaded.

Electrical properties:

The stereo nominal resistance has 10 Kilo-Ohm, the electric resistance gradient is linear. The potentiometer is construed for a power of 0,05 Watt.

Appearance (technical characterisation):

The six solder pins are 0,6 mm wide (one of them) and they are arranged in a distance of 2 mm (pitch). The curved pins, which are sticking out to the front, are necessary for the electrical function.

In medium range of the casing the metallic snap in connector is mounted. These connector will fix the potentiometer at the printed circuit board by pressing in.Between the two snap in holdings the distance is 15,3 mm. The holders latch in the board and fix the potentiometer mechanically.

Useful hint:

The volume control is soldered on the circuit board. You should have mechanical skills and experience in soldering to replace it.


Brand: Korg
Producttype: Potentiometer
Item condition: new
Resistance: 10 KOhm x 2
Manufacturer No: 362X12002
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