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Shop Relaunch 2019 (English)

Welcome to our new shop!

What has happened so far. . .
In the summer of 2013 Gregor took the first step towards self-reliance. He founded his own company and opened a spare parts shop for e-pianos, keyboards and synthesizers. According to the motto "epair instead of ditching".

Thus the foundation for Synth-Parts was laid.
Today, after six years, his company is establishing itself more and more in the niche. And we used that as an opportunity for a change of scenery.

A new shop design

We wanted to make our shop more modern and userfriendly. The design of the old shop was outdated and just didn't look nice anymore. In six years, the standards have changed. We also. Therefore we are happy to welcome you in our revised shop. With our new landing page we welcome our customers and give them an insight into our offer. News and blog entries will also be announced there in the future. By the way, we are now also Smartphone and Tablet compatible and can therefore offer you more shopping comfort.

A new logo

A new shop cannot be launched with an old logo...  So, as a young designer, I was involved in the reworking and gave the logo a new look. It shouldn't deviate too much from the old, but it should become a bit more modern. I also wanted to improve the readability.

I have improved the readability by changing or omitting the connections (ligatures) between the individual letters and aligning the font.

To a common future

What do you think about our new shop and the logo?
We would be delighted to have more interaction with our customers in the future. You are welcome to leave feedback and comments.
Do you have any special requests that we should address here?
On Facebook we also keep you up to date :D
Of course we continue to work on improvements and renewals for you. So stay tuned.

You want to read more of us? Here we deal with the topic: OLED or LCD Display? (Currently only in German)

Hear you soon! :)

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