Rotary Poti vertikal, 12mm with center Tap for Yamaha

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Rotary Poti vertikal, 12mm with center Tap for Yamaha

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Rotary poti
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Rotary Potentiometer vertikal 12 mm with center Tap

Substitute rotary potentiometer for

  • Yamaha RS7000
  • Yamaha RM1x      Utility
    please refer to the separate note in the description!!!

The rotary pot fits also in

  • Korg electribe EMX1
  • Korg electribe ESX1
    Pitch, Pan, Depth, EG Int, OSC Edit2

here the axis sticks out 2,5 mm.

Yamaha RM1x:
In the RM1x, Yamaha has installed a potentiometer without a thread. The potentiometer with thread I offer here can also be used in the RM1x. For this, however, the drill holes must be drilled out  2 mm and the axis must be shortened by 5 mm. The great advantage of this solution is that I think potentiometers with threads will have much longer lifetime than potentiometers without threads. Indisputably, the axis is guided and stored much more stably by the thread.
n the pictures you see a test installation I have made.

Electrical properties:

The nominal resistance has 10 kOhm (Kilo-Ohm), the electric resistance gradient runs linear.

Appearance (technical characterisation):

The casing measures 12 mm bright, the total length without pins is 25 mm. In this total length the casing is 7,5 mm long. On this casing is the thread with 5 mm length connected and out of the thread the axis rises with 12,5 mm length. The axis has a diameter of 6 mm and is flattened on a length of 12 mm. It is made of black plastic. Its head has a slot and ends in corner radius. The thread, which surrounds the axis, has the screw measure M9 x 0,75 mm.

The four solder contact pins are 0,8 mm wide (one of them) and they are arranged in a raster in a distance of 2,5 mm. The bented pins, which are sticking out to the front, are necessary for the electrical function, in which the fourth pin has TAP function.

In the back range of the casing the metallic edge-socket connector is mounted. The connector will be fixed at the printed circuit board by pressing in the snap in pin.

Between the two snap in holdings the distance is 13 mm. The holders latch in the board and fix the potentiometer mechanically.

Useful hint:

The potentiometer is soldered on the circuit board. You should have mechanical skills and experience in soldering to replace it.

Item condition new
Center position yes
operating life 15.000
Resistance 10 KOhm
Yamaha partnumber VT4102900
Yamaha partnumber 2 VQ032500
MPN VT4102900
Brand Yamaha
Producttype Potentiometer
Model RS7000
Serie RS7000

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