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LCD or OLED replacement display for musical instruments

For each offered replacement LCD display, we have made a test installation on the respective keyboard instrument. We looked at the details of where there may be problems or difficulties when replacing the LCD or OLED displays. No matter if it needs adjustments on the electrical or on the mechanical side. We have analyzed this in detail and offer here the appropriate solution.

These findings we have implemented in our product replacement displays for electric pianos, synthesizers or keyboards. Every manufacturer of electronic keyboard instruments has something special to note for each series and display type. It does not matter if it's a Yamaha electric piano, a Roland keyboard or a Korg workstation. Also with synthesizers from Nord, Sequential Circuits or Casio.

Every exchange display, whether for Emu or Akai sampler, Technics E-Pianos, Kurzweil Synthesizer, or Kawai Keybords is prepared so far and ready with all the cables provided that your effort is as small as possible.
Every LCD or OLED display sold by us has been tested on a suitable keyboard instrument before shipping.


You don't know exactly to choose an LCD display or a modern OLED display?

A detailed article can be found under the tab Information & Job's

LCD based displays are a well known and mature technology. The manufacturers have collected a lot of experience and there is little risk that the displays fail or not correspond to the lifetime information. A major disadvantage of LCDs are the quite narrow range in which the display can be read well.

Displays based on OLED are a fairly new technology. The basis of these displays are organic fluorescent substances. The main advantage of these OLEDs is the very good readability on two levels. On the one hand, these displays are easy to read even in sunlight and, secondly, the angle at which these displays are readable is very good. So even at a very steep angle from the side or from the top results in a very good readability of the display. A third advantage is the lower power consumption because no power is needed for a backlight.

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