Alps KHC11901, KHC10901, KHC10902

Old Alps Productnames KHC11901, KHC10901, KHC10902

switche from manufacturer ALPS are build in fom many manufacturer of key instruments. This is today and this was in earlyer times. In earlyer times and in old service manuals you will find old ALPS product codes.

Two of these old product codes are KHC10901 and KHC10902.

Alps KHC11901:

This switch is not only the switch. The complete product that was sold from ALPS under product code KHC10901 is the switch themselve. The switch fits in a casing and in casing was a LED and a user button. Pleas see the foto.

Left: complete switch.
Middle left: switch themeselve
Middle right: casing with LED
Right: switch button

Alps KHC11901     My product: TA4HC4JC

Alps KHC10902:

This is the old product code from ALPS for the same switch describe above but without casing.

Alps KHC10903:

This Alps tactile switch has a square mounting position with 12 mm lenght.
Complete high is 7,3 mm.

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