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Technics as a brand of Panasonic Corporation

In 1918, the Japanese Konosuke Matsushita founded the company Matsushita, based in Osaka, Japan. This is the cornerstone of today's Panasonic Corporation, a major corporation known worldwide. Just like the name Panasonic, the name Technics is just a brand name. The Technics brand was introduced by Matsushita Group in 1965. Technics stands for hi-fi equipment and musical instrument at a very high technical and tonal level. In 2008, the Matsushita Group is renamed to Panasonic Corporation. The brand name Panasonic thus becomes the namesake of the group.

Musical instruments from Technics

When the brand Technics was founded in 1965, two product lines were established. On the one hand, hi-fi devices such as amplifiers and turntables. The second product line produces electronic keyboard instruments. The Technics offered organs and electric pianos are at a high level. The processing of the instruments is very good and the sound quality is convincing. In 2010, Panasonic decided to discontinue the production of hi-fi equipment as well as the production of Technics keyboard instruments.

Technics organs

The development history of electronic keyboard instruments is above all a history of the two-manual electronic organ. In today's music world, organs only play a very minor role. It is likely that a two-manual keyboard instrument in the home is next to the size too dominant.

Technics electric pianos

Technics Keyboards

Spare parts, repairs and service

Today, in 2018, Panasonic's support for the Technics musical instruments is completely set. Also at the company Keilitz in Leipzig it is no longer possible to get spare parts for Technics electric pianos or keyboards. As we are convinced of the quality of the electric pianos and keyboards, we continue to provide service for Technics keyboard instruments. In many cases we are able to repair electronic assemblies. Spare parts such as tactile switch, encoders or potentiometers are offered as new in OEM quality. Due to our very good contacts to different suppliers, we are able to offer replacement keys and contact rubbers partly as new. Everything else we offer as far as we can as used parts in a good quality. Especially for the used spare keys, we ask for your understanding that the color of the keys may differ. Due to aging of the keys, the keys are dimmed in many cases.

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