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E-mu Systems:
The company E-mu Systems is known today mainly for its samplers. These include instruments such as the E4K, E64, e6400 or E5000 Ultra. These devices have now become lovers pieces and are barely on the market. If you have your e-mu, you keep it.

Of course it gets hard with repairs and spare parts. Since the company is no longer active in this field of musical instruments there is no support anymore. For this reason we have started to offer spare parts and repairs for samplers from E-mu Systems.

For samplers from E-mu Systems we supply encoders and potentiometers for volume control. Furthermore, we have tactile switch in the offer and as far as needed replacement keys for the keyboard. For many E-mu music instruments we can also offer new replacement LCD displays. The displays we offer work with a modern LED backlight and thus do without the usual EL lighting foile.

For all spare parts offered by us, we also offer the installation service.

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