Casio Synthesizer

The company Casio is mainly known for its calculators and the product watches. Casio as a manufacturer of keyboard instruments such as synthesizers or electric pianos is not so common or almost unknown to many people.

The company Casio started with the construction of keyboards and synthesizers in the 1980's. The competition by Yamaha and Roland, the two heavyweights of course was overwhelming. However, the Casio synthesizers of the early years are distinguished by a sound generation that is quite different from other manufacturers. Even today, Casio synthesizers have their lovers and the trade in the instruments is minimal. There is also no reason to give or sell your Casio synthesizer.

Service and spare parts:

The support of Casio for the keyboard instruments of the early years has long been discontinued. It is correspondingly difficult to get spare parts. We have Casio synthesizer therefore included in our offer and as far as we can, we offer suitable replacement parts for Casio synthesizer. If possible, our spare parts are OEM spare parts. This means that we got the spare parts from the exact same supplier Casio was supplied from. If these components are still produced today. If these replacement parts are no longer manufactured we can offer an equivalent or even better replacement.

However, there are also spare parts where it does not make sense to offer the components of that time. As in the field of LCD displays, it makes much more sense to use current technology. We look very carefully to see if these displays are really suitable as a replacement. This depends on many different factors to consider. In the most favorable case, and that happens very often with us, we have made a test installation on a suitable instrument.


The test installation is possible for us in many cases because we repair ourselves. The instruments end up as by themselves in our workshop and we can calmly look for which LCD or OLED displays fit well. We are happy to take over the installation of spare parts for you. Please ask.

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